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Interviews Videotaping

videotaping interviews

DIGITAL TAKE is experienced with videotaping subjects in many locations and conditions. An important question to ask, and the most obvious, is do you want the interviewee to look at the camera or to the side of the camera (looking at the person who is asking the questions). Also, most of our interviews are just one camera, but for creative or marketing videos, we can make the interview more interesting with multiple camera angles.



When we are planning the interview with you, we'll send you a "do's and don't's, and things to consider" PDF, so you can think about important details ahead of time to have the best video possible. Most importantly, use common sense, subjects should never appear "orange" or "blue", these are signs that incorrect lights were used.



A Sound Idea

When picking your location, most people don't realize the "noise" factor. Listen to the air conditioning and outside traffic, it may be louder than you think. Also, if you have an interview near a call center, receptionist, or near where there are client's, you may pick up unwanted noise that you can't control.

legal deposition video





[ "OUTTAKES" Do you think interviews are easy? Watch this short 27sec. wmv video]




Things to Consider

  • Lighting
  • Time of Day
  • Ambient Noise
  • Background
  • Clothing
  • Number of Subjects



  • Do You Need a Teleprompter?

  • 5600k Lights versus 3200k Lights


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