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Web Video Encoding

Most businesses and consumers have the capability (or knows somebody that has the capability) to encode video for the internet. However, if time and quality are important factors, since we have the raw footage, we can turn it around faster and make it look better than if you took the video off of a DVD. Let us take your project online in any format you need. Whether you need a WMV, MOV, MPG, AVI, or MP4, encoded with the H.264 codec for youtube and other similar websites. We'll ask you some detailed questions about the size and format that you require and then we'll email you a link to your video when it's all done and ready to download.


legal deposition video

What you should know

Before encoding your video for the web, carefully consider who your target audience is, and where are you most likely to display the video. For example, if you know that your audience will access the video via their cell phones, you can create a very small video that will load faster. However, if you are sharing a performance with a family member or an associate in another state, you need to make the video larger, so the video can be downloaded and watched in a higher resolution.


If you have a long video, let's say over 30 minutes, you will also want to check with the company / website that is going to host your video. You may get charged more than expected for uploading longer videos, especially if you have a large audience watching it. Most hosting websites will charge a monthly or yearly fee for a certain amount of storage space and "traffic". Traffic is how many people are watching your content. If your video is long and you anticipate a high volume of viewers (aka traffic) you may want to keep the video as small as possible so you keep within your budget.




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