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Focus Group Videotaping and Ethnos Projects

chicago videotaping focus groups

Although we can't show any footage from a focus group, we can say that this is another staple of our videotaping diet. From downtown Chicago to the suburbs, we've worked at many of the large "field work" focus group facilities in and around Chicago. For those who are coming from out of state, we will be happy to provide references so you can be sure you will be dealing with someone who is experienced in your industry.


We do provide editing services for creating "highlights" for the focus groups, but we understand 99% of the time, you already have a source for your editing needs. So if you need editing, just ask, because we probably won't mention it otherwise.


Standards for Videotaping Focus Groups

Our focus group videographers are dedicated to the highest video standards. We understand this very important marketing and branding industry. Due to the complexity of a focus group, getting the right people, having them arrive at the same time, and getting honest feedback. We know it's critical to arrive early, to be neat in appearance, and to remain quiet throughout the discussion, whether we are in front or behind the glass.



Standard Definition versus HD

We still use standard definition (SD) video cameras for most focus groups, but upon request, we will provide an HD camera (especially if you want MP4 when you leave for the day). Two reasons for using an SD camera are, the tapes are universal from PC and MAC computers, as well as, from one country to another. Secondly, HD video cameras require more light than an SD camera, so if you are shooting from behind the glass, an SD camera will have less "grain" from the increased exposure, versus an HD video camera.


This will most likely change in the next couple of years as HD cameras improve and continue to decrease in price. Currently, there is a small premium for our newer and more expensive HD video cameras.




Focus Groups

  • Food

  • Alcohol

  • Clothing

  • Shoes

  • Software Games

  • Containers


Media Availability

  • DVD's
  • Raw Digital File

  • MP4's
  • MOV

  • MPG
  • AVI

  • Mini-DV Tapes
  • HDV Tapes







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