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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Once we decide to use Digital Take for a project, is a deposit required?

A: In most cases no. For small events and projects, a deposit isn't required for local businesses, as long as an agreement is signed. For individuals and out of state businesses, we may ask you to "pay as you go".



Q:We need to reach someone immediately and it is in the evening or a weekend?

A: The best way to reach us for emergencies, last minute requests, or in the evening or on a holiday, is by calling our mobile hotline at 847-840-3332. You may not reach us immediately in all circumstances, but it is the fastest way to contact us.



Q: Are there extra fees for working late, long hours, or weekends?

A: No. Our fees are based on the number of hours worked and we are used to working odd hours, so there is no overtime. An exception to the rule would be any work performed on major holidays, in which case, we would quote the job slightly higher, so you would know exactly what you would be paying, before booking us.



Q: If we don't want any post-production, can we have the raw footage?

A: Yes. As long as that is what is requested, you can take the raw footage with you. It must be discussed before the event, especially if you are MAC based. Some hard drives (required for HD footage) are not compatible between PC and MAC laptops. For photography, we would send it to you within 2 or 3 business days via web. However, if we have planned for time to do download and adjust the images on location, then we can burn a CD for you that day.



Q: Who owns the copyright of the footage and photography?

A: In most cases we have what is called a "dual copyright" for personal use. Which means, you can use pictures and videos for your own projects, but you can't sell it as your own work, unless we have agreed to that in writing. The exceptions are for "legal" related work and for other production companies that have sub-contracted Digital Take. We do not use depositions and other legal video in our marketing or demo materials, and footage shot for other production companies can be used as if it is soley their own.



Q: We see that you use sample material from a number of different projects, how do we protect ourselves from Digital Take using our legal or proprietary material in their marketing materials?


videotaping and photographer


A: If you have a project that is proprietary in nature, or deals with legal issues (a deposition video for example), we do not use those projects for demo purposes. If you look at our sample video for legal video, you will see that it is a "mock video deposition" created in our office. We always ask permission before displaying samples or permission is granted by a signed agreement when booking our services. As a fail safe, when we aren't sure whether something can be used, we don't use it. And if you did grant us permission, and later change your mind, we'll remove it with no questions asked.



Q: What are your payment terms and what forms of payment do you accept?

A: Generally speaking, we will bill you upon completion of your project, which is a great benefit over our competition. You can trust that we will be there, on time, and deliver what we say we will deliver. The preferred method of payment is check, or credit card if in person. This also gives our clients a great deal of confidence that we are going to do exactly what we say we are going to do, because we don't get paid otherwise.



Q: Are there travel fees and do you travel out of state?

A: Since most of our work is between Chicago, Milwaukee, Northwest Indiana, and Rockford, we do not have travel fees with the exception of parking fees in the Chicago Loop area. If a parking garage or valet parking is required, we add that amount to the final invoice (at cost, which is typically $18 to $36).

We do travel out of state, and we factor that in with the size and scope of the project. Typically we will have a "day rate" plus all travel fees, to and from the airport.



Q: Do you have more information on HD video versus standard definition?

A: Yes, click HERE for more information.





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